Technically, I did observe part of Griffith Park…

Original plan for today: Ride up to Griffith Park Observatory. I always fight with hills, but I was pretty confident I could get up the hill. After all, that’s why bikes have granny gears.

Then I woke up this morning. I don’t know if it was a lack of sleep, or spending yesterday in the sun taking pictures, but I was TIRED. Not sleepy-tired; exhausted tired. I decided to try anyway. Google maps picked a funky route. I think it was trying to keep me off scary roads and level my ride out, but it was still reasonable.

I knew my success wasn’t likely from the first mile. Even the flats were a struggle. When I started up the actual hill, my legs said “You MIGHT be able to do this, but you won’t enjoy it.” I know: that’s what muscles always say to get out of work. But this time I knew they were right. I skipped the Observatory and instead went to the Hollywood Farmer’s market- just in time to watch it close. I thought “Well, at least I’ll get in the hill back to the San Fernando Valley, but my legs laughed and told me to take the subway.

The moral of the story: Always bring your TAP card when you ride.

Next weekend: I will get farther up that hill.


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