Where the hell are you going?

Most of the time when I ride, I do some sort of a loop. I get my distance in, and I get new scenery for the whole ride (though, as Katherine’s mother once said when she was a kid, “When you’ve seen one scenery, you’ve seen ’em all”).

Sometimes I ride to a destination. The my ride is just a line; I go somewhere, then I go back. Not as interesting to ride, but it gets me where I’m going.

…and very rarely, my ride looks like this:bike-map-160929

This happens when my goal is to just keep moving. The light is red? Time to turn! Left turns are more challenging, as you can tell by the way most of the lefts on this route are three rights. I just keep moving, trying to get as far away from my starting point in roughly half the time I want to be riding. Plus, I get to try and figure out what shape I’ve “drawn.” This one looks a bit like a snooty mouse.

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