Walk (Bike) to School Day


Twenty years ago, someone started “Walk to School Day.” Not to get all grandpa here, but when I was a young’un, every day was walk to school day. These kids today with their fancy minivans and whatnot don’t know what it was like!

Then someone realized that there are other ways to self-propel yourself to school, and the name changed to “Walk/Bike to School Day.” I think using the word “and” would be clearer than using the slash, which makes reading it out loud sound like you want people to walk their bikes to school.

But today was the official day, so I rode with a few students and adults to school. It was about a half mile from the meeting place to the school; I actually rode about five times as far to get to the meeting spot. I decided to be Mister Safety, so I wore my nighttime reflective jacket. It’s like wearing a plastic bag. I transformed into Mister Sweaty.

But it felt good to ride, and the kids who went with us seemed to enjoy it. I’ll do it again next year. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even ride my bike to work sometimes when it’s just a regular day! Crazy!

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