Two more rides

It’s hot.

It’s way too hot to suddenly ramp up my hill climbing. So, little rides it is!

I thing I learned today: even though I remember it differently, Felix the Cat almost never says “magic bag.” It’s almost always his bag of tricks, just like they say in the theme song. I also learned that Felix the Cat cartoons are WEIRD. I could describe one, or you could watch.

The gibbering kangaroo freaks me out. And why does The Professor have a self-spanking machine?

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This video is kind of a hot mess. Sorry about that.

545 miles in 7 days? Never done that.

23,037 feet of climb in 7 days? Never done that.

Raising thousands of dollars to support health justice for people living with HIV/AIDS? Done it. Doing it again!


Here’s the deal: I do the training and riding and sweating. You do the donating. Together we save lives!

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