Going to Pasadena, just to see what’s going on.

I’ve seen the see-through bike shorts twice in the last three weeks, and both times they were Rapha shorts. Rapha is not a cheap brand, and I highly doubt they’re shorts are supposed to be semi-transparent, so it’s probably one of two things:

  1. The rider is wearing his expensive shorts as much as possible to squeak out every cent of value, or
  2. The rider is too vain to buy the right size shorts and is squeezing into the size they think they should be.

My shorts are nowhere near as nice, but they’re about one-ninth the price so I’ll live with them.

My pictures from the Eagle Rock Community Teach-In are on Flickr (yeah, some of us fogies still use Flickr): https://www.flickr.com/photos/dogwelder/albums/72157714683094498

If anyone ever looks at this in the future, they will wonder why I was having lunch with the Governor at a laundry. Or anywhere, really.

Rides from this post:

Bonus link to explain the title of this post:

Oh, this poor neglected site.

Really, every web site I’ve ever set up has been neglected, but neglecting this one is particularly egregious. Almost two years since my last post? That would be bad enough normally, but I’ve spent the last two years biking a lot. A lot. In just the last three months I rode two different century rides. I added over 100,000 feet of elevation. I’ve now covered more that 40% of the streets in the San Fernando Valley. And that bike I was so excited about in the last post in gone, replaced with a lovely Trek road bike.

Seriously: look at all that coverage. And look at the hills!

I think part of the issue is trying to spread not-quite-enough content for one site across three or four (or six or ten) sites. New plan: post in one place! For now everything’s going on my main blog. If I suddenly become Walt Whitman and feel the need to share my multitudes I’ll change things around.

Legends of the Fall

Brian and I went for a slightly longer ride today. It looked like this:

I also did something I haven’t done in three years of riding with clipless pedals: I fell over. 

The new bike has much tighter clamps on the pedals. I thought I’d loosened them enough, but apparently not. I’m fine. The bike’s fine (though I did have to straighten the cockpit a bit). I actually thought it was funny. AND I CAN PROVE IT! I never record rides – my bike and phone mount are too damn shaky – but I decided to try it. Most of the ride is too shaky to watch, but this part looks good:

Luke has as many as three bikes, depending on how you count

I love my Long Haul Trucker but it has skinny tires and a short stem, which makes riding on anything other that straight, smooth roads a little spooky. My Fuji Touring is a little better, but still not really up to any kind of dirt or gravel road. 

Solution: NEW BIKE! Look at this lovely thing:

A Salsa Journeyman!

But three bikes in an apartment is crazy – especially when I hardly ride the Touring these days.

Solution: “Loan” my brother the Touring!

I couldn’t just let it go – it’s the bike I rode to Santa Barbara, for corn’s sake – but I hated seeing it sit unridden. So it’s on indefinite loan to my brother, who will ride it a bunch.  

I got the Salsa three days ago, but the smoke from the wildfires was too thick to go for a ride. Today I took it for a short shakedown.

…and I plugged some holes!

It’s about what I thought. A little slower, a lot more stable. A fun ride. I’m still adjusting it, but I can tell it’s going to be a nice ride.

The trouble with map apps, and starting to fill in!

I’ve been using BikeGPX to help me fill in holes in my Ride San Fernando Valley project. It’s free, and it works well – unless I make a crazy route that keeps doubling back on itself. The it gets confused and I have to nudge it back on track. But for any normal cyclist trying to ride pre-planned routes, it’s a pretty cool thing. Worth having!

The other “use a map to plan a route ahead of time” issue: Did you know that roads and maps sometimes don’t line up? It’s true! It’s almost like the city is constantly changing or something.

1. This road no longer exists.
2. I was supposed to ride in here, but all the crisscrossing confused the map app.

But even with glitches, the southeast valley is starting to fill up.

Heck, in a couple of years I might actually finish this thing!

New mapp app, new seatpost

It’s really hard to find a decent app that gives turn by turn directions. Runkeeper & Strava don’t do it, which is annoying. I found an app calle Bike GPX that lets you follow a map, but doesn’t have a voice. Annoying, but it worked well enough to (mostly) follow the route.

Also: I am stunned by how different the bike feels with a different seat post. Much more comfortable!


I have a couple of nice bikes. Nothing insanely expensive, but nice. I wear bike shoes when I ride, but I don’t wear bike jerseys/shorts; a t-shirt and gym shorts are more my speed. Having said that: I rode Katherine’s bike home from work today, and it felt like I was riding a bag of pudding.