Oh, this poor neglected site.

Really, every web site I’ve ever set up has been neglected, but neglecting this one is particularly egregious. Almost two years since my last post? That would be bad enough normally, but I’ve spent the last two years biking a lot. A lot. In just the last three months I rode two different century rides. I added over 100,000 feet of elevation. I’ve now covered more that 40% of the streets in the San Fernando Valley. And that bike I was so excited about in the last post in gone, replaced with a lovely Trek road bike.

Seriously: look at all that coverage. And look at the hills!

I think part of the issue is trying to spread not-quite-enough content for one site across three or four (or six or ten) sites. New plan: post in one place! For now everything’s going on my main blog. If I suddenly become Walt Whitman and feel the need to share my multitudes I’ll change things around.