…and that’s two-thirds down.

With almost six and a half miles to spare!

I started the “ride every street of the San Fernando Valley” project years ago. It was easy to pick up new streets at first- there are a lot, you know- but I burned through all the closest streets when I had the most time to ride. Now I have to ride ten miles just to get started.

Today’s ride was about 40 miles. About sixteen and a half of those were new miles. It pushed me past the two-thirds mark and put me in second place for most new Valley miles. It’s not very likely that I’ll get the “Most miles in a month” award again, since anyone new to riding in the Valley can get 40 miles just going up and down the Orange Line bike path.

6000 Miles – February 6-18

The quest to ride 6000 miles in 2023 continues! This video features versions of:

  • a cat with sunglasses!
  • an old woman in a fairytale!
  • a disturbing medical facility!
  • a terrible driver!
  • a terrible cyclist!
  • a failure of jingoism!
  • Not Liam Neeson!

…and slightly more!

Also: if this video amuses you, why not check out the rest of the series?

6000 Miles on a Mastodon

Short post to test if this WordPress-to-Mastodon thing works.

I have a plan: ride 6,000 miles this year. that’s 600 miles a month, around 16 and a half miles a day. Totally doable… except it’s not shaking out that way quite yet. I have less than 300 miles so far, putting my average daily ride just over six and a half miles. Summer’s going to have some long ride days!

But at least I’ve added 20ish miles to my coverage of the San Fernando Valley!