The trouble with map apps, and starting to fill in!

I’ve been using BikeGPX┬áto help me fill in holes in my Ride San Fernando Valley project. It’s free, and it works well – unless I make a crazy route that keeps doubling back on itself. The it gets confused and I have to nudge it back on track. But for any normal cyclist trying to ride pre-planned routes, it’s a pretty cool thing. Worth having!

The other “use a map to plan a route ahead of time” issue: Did you know that roads and maps sometimes don’t line up? It’s true! It’s almost like the city is constantly changing or something.

1. This road no longer exists.
2. I was supposed to ride in here, but all the crisscrossing confused the map app.

But even with glitches, the southeast valley is starting to fill up.

Heck, in a couple of years I might actually finish this thing!

New mapp app, new seatpost

It’s really hard to find a decent app that gives turn by turn directions. Runkeeper & Strava don’t do it, which is annoying. I found an app calle Bike GPX that lets you follow a map, but doesn’t have a voice. Annoying, but it worked well enough to (mostly) follow the route.

Also: I am stunned by how different the bike feels with a different seat post. Much more comfortable!


I have a couple of nice bikes. Nothing insanely expensive, but nice. I wear bike shoes when I ride, but I don’t wear bike jerseys/shorts; a t-shirt and gym shorts are more my speed. Having said that: I rode Katherine’s bike home from work today, and it felt like I was riding a bag of pudding.

CicLAvia, part 2

Strava (a ride tracking app) has a function called “fly-bys.” It lets you see what other cyclists using the app you pass on a ride. Normally I ride weird routes at weird times, so I’m lucky if I pass anybody.

CicLAvia was a little different.

…and that’s just who had it turned on for the ride!

Thanks to Brian for letting me steal his route info. I had Strava turned off.