The Californian who rode up a hill (and several more hills) and came down a mountain

Good Eggs

The Los Angeles Breakfast Club has been doing it’s thing for almost a century. I’ve never been- business casual clothing at seven in the morning on a Wednesday is a surprisingly heavy lift for me- but if a bunch of folks being silly and talking Los Angeles history without getting wrapped up in politics sounds pretty great.

…and if old eggs sound good to you but you don’t want to make the trip to the Friendship Auditorium, you could always have a century egg.

It turns out there’s a movie about the band The Breakfast Club when Madonna was in it. OH LOOK A TRAILER:

That is an impressive Madonna lookalike.

The reviews are… not great.


That damn flat tire.

It actually was easy to fix, but it sure was annoying. And I don’t know why I didn’t check the map for a bike shop nearby. Roost Cyclery was right up the street and they have great reviews. And I really should get one of those CO2 pumps.


KCET’s article about Tropico talks about the arguments the city had over merging with Glendale or Los Angeles. I’m surprised no one’s tried to bring back Tropico Beauty strawberries. I guess that since the whole area is now homes and businesses it would be hard to find a parcel of land to farm. Maybe they convince Forest Lawn to give them some plots.

“Good People, Good Food.”

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