An observation and some things I see

My bike is lighter and faster when my ride is the first thing I do for the day instead of the first thing I do after working all day.

Some things I see on my usual ride by approximate distance from start:

Mile 1: Bob Hope’s housebob-hopes-toluca-lake-house-e1380060235715

Actually, for the most part I see the wall around Bob Hope’s house, but you can see it when you get to the gate. Toluca Lake is currently fighting to stop demolition on the property.

Mile 2: Warner Brothers

Warner Animation Mural

The mural at Warner Brothers changes. The image above was how it looked in 2003. In 2009 it was redone with a focus on superheroes (but Daffy & Bugs still showed up).


The coolest thing about this version: It’s hard to see in the daytime, but at night the heroes were fairly dark and villains were projected across the bottom!

Now it’s a Teen Titans Go! mural. It’s got a lot of fun comic book in-jokes, but I miss the villains.

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