Yesterday’s ride strangeness

I had just gone over the Baum Bicycle Bridge when I saw two bike cops going the other way. That’s not terribly common, but not particularly weird… until I realized that they were just the advance guard for two people slowly pedaling by on recumbent bikes, who were then followed by another FIVE bike cops.

That’s a total of seven cops protecting two people I did not recognize. That’s about five more cops than I’ve seen in three years of riding the river bike path. Probably not the most effective distribution of bike police, especially considering that a couple of people got shot on the bike path in Frogtown a few days ago.

You might think that people getting shot on the path would make me a little leery of using it, but it still feel safer than riding down most major streets.

This is my bike!

Mister Bike

This is Mister Bike. I got him in April. Mister Bike is a Fuji Touring Bike, and we went a lot of places for a few months, culminating with a 100 mile ride to Santa Barbara on my 50th birthday in June.

Then I sort of neglected him. First it was “I’m going to take a break for a few days.” Then it was “Man, it got hot.” Then “I’m sick.” Then hot again, and then laziness and inertia took over. And that’s sad, because I love Mister Bike.¬†So it’s time to get re-acquainted.

Tonight I did my favorite local ride. It’s a roughly 25 mile loop that takes me past Warner Brothers and down the L.A. River bike path to Frogtown. Yeah, I know it’s officially “Elysian Valley,” but wouldn’t you rather live in Frogtown?

Plus, the end of the ride has a mural with frog people!