A bit of Hollywood, a bit of Downtown, a bit of Griffith

I need to get some warmer clothes. Old Man Luke gets cold when it’s below 70 degrees.

Places visited today:

also seen:

  • Griffith Observatory
  • Hollywood Sign

I originally planned to go to the Observatory, but it’s a one way road and I would have needed to go down, around, and back up to get there. I already had about 2000 feet of climb in so I decided to skip it.

Hollywood Bowl FunFacts:

  • In non-pandemic times they have a sing-along Sound of Music with a costume contest. There are tons of Marias and Nuns. Not as many Nazis – that wouldn’t be fun on the shuttle bus. My favorite costumes are the weird ones. The last time I went there was someone dressed as a moonbeam in your hand (not sure how you hold that) and a distributor cap.
  • Kanye premiered his opera there last year. He ended up giving away thousands of tickets.
  • There’s a Beatles album of two performances at the Bowl. It’s great if you love muddy sound and constant crowd noise.
  • The first act to perform at the Bowl was two women and a piano balanced on a barn door. For real.

“We’re opening for The Beatles. They’ll be on in 45 years.”

Today’s ride:

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