I’m good at confusing myself.

When I make these videos I usually figure out some wacky route without thinking about what I might see along the way, and then stop and record stuff when I see something I like. This time I tried actually planning out a location and vaguely thinking of a script ahead of time. I planned my route last night, loaded it on the bike computer this morning, and set out to film my brilliant bit of cinema.

But the route was weird. It was going away from the Hollywood Sign. That couldn’t be right. I gave up on the planned route and blundered my way up to the sign and down again, and then back past the Observatory before heading home and editing everything into a semi-coherent three minutes.

After all of that, I looked at the route. This is it:

It’s named Doofus. I guessed I named it after myself.

It turns out it does go to the Hollywood Sign; it’s just backward from the way I thought I was going. Duh.

Another fun thing. here’s a partial map of my ride today:

The yellow line is the way I could have gone if I had a more rugged bike. About three quarters of a mile and very flat, but not a path for a road bike. I had to go the long way around the bottom. Seven miles, 850ish feet of climb. Wheee!

Also: The bread I made this morning (as seen at the end of the video) was fantastic. I used a basic no-knead recipe, but I added a little maple syrup and let it rest in the fridge overnight before finishing rising this morning. Highly recommended.

It still needed to cool when I cut it, but the Warm Bread Gods were demanding a sacrifice.

Today’s ride:

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