Good Gravy, The Wind!

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I few days ago I bought arm warmers. They’re basically spandex long sleeves without the pesky shirt. It turns out that covering your arms can make them less cold- who knew?

And oh my did I need them today. The wind was bonkers. Sometimes I was riding on the drops (the low part of the handlebars) just to have less surface are for the wind to hit. I had to pedal downhill.

I’ve ridden a little over 300 miles in two weeks. That’s a bit ahead of schedule, which is good since I know cold and rainy days are coming, and it’s harder to keep riding then. Donations have stalled at just over $1000. That’s a lot of cash, but my goal is at least $3000. Please share my ride with friends and encourage them to donate. It’s a good cause, and science says donating make you feel better. You believe in science!

Bonus secondary project stats: Of the 38 miles I rode today, a little over ten were roads I had never traveled. A few of those were in the San Fernando Valley, where I’ve now ridden over 40 percent of all available roads. You want to see a map, you say? Okay!

Slowly expanding out from my home, like a fungus!

I found yet another route through the hills from the San Fernando Valley to Hollywood. I’ve taken about 20 different routes through the hills, and I’m starting to get to the point where new routes would need a gravel/mountain bike to take a trail over. I’ve had four bikes in the last four years. I AM NOT GOING TO BUY ANOTHER BIKE.


Today’s ride:

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