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This ride was mostly what I expected it to be, but I accidentally put a challenge in the second half.

That’s an elevation map. On the top and left you can see the line gradually get darker as the route goes higher, then lighter at the bottom. But look at the middle right section. See that tiny dark section? That’s a steep hill. So steep that as I was going up a guy on the street said “that’s quite a climb!”

One of the best things about riding on Halloween is playing “Is That A Costume Or Do They Dress Like That?” Some are easy, like the five year old kid dressed as the corona virus. Some are slightly more challenging: “It looks like a Batman costume, but he’s not wearing the cape or mask.” Most challenging: “Is she a cowboy, or does she just like that hat and shirt?” As for me, I wore my Cookie Monster jersey, which is about as close as I’ve come to wearing a costume in years.

Bonus video of the route:

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