Let’s Explore (mostly) Burbank some more!

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The name of the city

Luther Burbank is a famous botanist and many places are named after him. The city of Burbank, California is not. It’s named after a rich dentist named David Burbank who bought a bunch of land and named it after himself. It’s confusing because I work at Luther Burbank Middle School in Burbank, which also has Burbank High School. The high school gets called “Burbank” for short; our school gets called “Luther.” Our school is so friendly that everyone is on a first name basis with us.

I had the helmet I’m wearing here for a year when I found out it’s a women’s helmet. What makes it a women’s helmet, you ask? It has a “hairport” – a space in the back to feed your ponytail through. I should grow my hair out to test it. Nothing looks cooler than a guy who’s bald on top but rocking a ponytail. It’s the ultimate mullet.

180something miles. 1000something dollars donated to help people with HIV/AIDS. People are awesome.

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