Hey! Did you hear that 2021 is ending?

When do we get the Mystery Men Cinematic Universe? WE NEED THE MMCU!

It’s true!


This is proof that the length of my ride has nothing to do with the amount of video I record. 36 miles for a dumb leaf joke.

Send me a sign

I didn’t edit the Hollywood Sign video at all. ANGELS REALLY SANG.

Don’t look at me- I’m a monster!

Every single Cookie Monster costume in a basic google search looks better than this one. And yes, I’m including the onesie and the t-shirt.

Chihuahua Cookie Monster is an abomination
Okay, maybe not this one.

I’m also not sure what Cookie Monster has to do with an observatory. Does “The Big Dipper” secretly refer to how he puts cookies in milk?



Side note: Katherine can’t stand the music of Tom Waits, but often likes his acting. The five and a half seconds of him talking here is probably perfect for her.

If you’re wondering why this video ends with an odd version of Smashmouth’s “All-Star”: The song was featured on the Mystery Men soundtrack, and the video for the song includes scenes from the movie. And if you’re wondering where that weird version came from: Neil Cicierega, a man responsible for 98% of the internet’s comedy (seriously, check his wikipedia page), put out FOUR albums of remixes/mashups/reworks/homages featuring “All Star.”

I’m not sure, but I think Paul Rubens might have lifts in his boots.

End the year on a good note

…and sponsor my ride! You can make the world a better place. Isn’t that cool? Just $271 puts donations for 2021 at $3500.

Okay, that’s probably the last post for 2021. Happy new year, everyone!

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