That’s Really Super, Supergirl

Wandrer added a new feature to their maps: Streets that you’ve ridden but no one else has are called “super unique” and are shown with a highlight around them. Here’s my map of the San Fernando Valley with the super uniques highlighted:

Map of the streets of the San Fernando Valley I've been on with my bike. Unique (not New York) streets are marked with a light purple outline.

Odd thing I noticed: North and West sections of The valley are way more likely to have unique streets. I wonder if you could use this to extrapolate areas with concentrated numbers of Strava users (since that’s where the biking data comes from).

And if you’re wondering what the title is about:

…and that’s two-thirds down.

With almost six and a half miles to spare!

I started the “ride every street of the San Fernando Valley” project years ago. It was easy to pick up new streets at first- there are a lot, you know- but I burned through all the closest streets when I had the most time to ride. Now I have to ride ten miles just to get started.

Today’s ride was about 40 miles. About sixteen and a half of those were new miles. It pushed me past the two-thirds mark and put me in second place for most new Valley miles. It’s not very likely that I’ll get the “Most miles in a month” award again, since anyone new to riding in the Valley can get 40 miles just going up and down the Orange Line bike path.

6000 Miles – February 6-18

The quest to ride 6000 miles in 2023 continues! This video features versions of:

  • a cat with sunglasses!
  • an old woman in a fairytale!
  • a disturbing medical facility!
  • a terrible driver!
  • a terrible cyclist!
  • a failure of jingoism!
  • Not Liam Neeson!

…and slightly more!

Also: if this video amuses you, why not check out the rest of the series?

6000 Miles on a Mastodon

Short post to test if this WordPress-to-Mastodon thing works.

I have a plan: ride 6,000 miles this year. that’s 600 miles a month, around 16 and a half miles a day. Totally doable… except it’s not shaking out that way quite yet. I have less than 300 miles so far, putting my average daily ride just over six and a half miles. Summer’s going to have some long ride days!

But at least I’ve added 20ish miles to my coverage of the San Fernando Valley!

Vic’s Vacant Lot

The bits of bookend video in this are from a 1983 show called Vic’s Vacant lot. Tennis pro Vic Braden sits in a lot with kids and talks about games. Then he watches as the kids chase each other on bikes without wearing helmets. Looks very safe!

Mulholland Drive

I felt bad for the tour buses on this ride. The valley was fogged in. I’m guessing there was a lot of “Normally, you can see…” added to to the standard script.

Also: I’ve never seen David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive. Maybe I should watch that some day.

The 1974

Not much to say about these rides, so let’s use the “74 days left” thing as an excuse to link to a bunch of YouTube videos of TV and movies from 1974. That’s right, it’s the blog post version of a clip show!

New TV for 1974

All shows in 1974 starred Angie Dickinson

While there are a ton of classic shows that premiered in 1974, I think everyone’s favorite moment of TV every week was when the little kid from Little House on the Prairie would eat it running down a hill in the opening credits.

“Let’s show her concussion every week! People will love it!”

Movies of 1974

If you want to see how much the variety of movies has narrowed in the last half century, just look at the trailers for some of the stuff you could have watched in a theater in 1974.

And the most popular science fiction film of all time:

I know there’s still a wide range of visual entertainment out there through television and streaming, but I do miss the days of going to a movie theater and discovering weird things in a dark room full of strangers.

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