Classic TV, Classic Rock

The Brady Bunch house is only a few blocks from my apartment, but living in the San Fernando Valley – particularly if you live near the studios – means the chance that you live near or in a movie location is very high, so that’s not as big of a deal as it may sound.

The remodel was a weird project. The exterior & the sets didn’t really line up. There’s a fake window in the show version that they had to jam in below the roof line. And I haven’t seen much of the inside, but I hope they ignored the show’s bathroom layout and installed a toilet.

Big Boy restaurants sure had some creepy commercials. I was looking for a Pappy Parker chicken cartoon, but found this:

And I guess they used to dress like Boy Scouts.

Paty’s has also been used for filming. This is Dwight from The Office:

Really captures the feel of the place.

Rides in this video:

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