Supermoon Spaghetti Ride

Random things:

  • I forgot it was Supermoon Day until I was riding home and thought “Hey! That’s a big moon!” Riding under a full moon always makes me feel like Tom Cullen from The Stand.
  • I managed to get a decent ride in on a Monday after work, which is always a pleasure.
  • While I’m still below my best pre-century months, as of today I have ridden farther, longer, and faster than I did for all of last month.
  • I saw a co-worker while I was riding. I yelled to her, then realized when I saw her freaked out face that yelling at women on the bike path could be taken the wrong way.
  • Today’s ride looks a little like a boat facing northeast and a not-at-the-same-scale outboard motor facing west.


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