Today’s ride notes

I rode my river loop again. ┬áThe Riverside/134 end of the path is under construction, and it’s been sort-of blocked off for a while. It used to be blocked with a six foot high plastic fence, which meant you had to lift your bike over the side rail and walk on the slanted cement sides of the river. That was torn down – by cyclists, I’m sure- pretty quickly. THey replaced it with this more durable concrete street barricade:

A cement barricade on the LA River Bike Path.

I like it. It’s a lot easier to lift my bike over.

When I got to the other end of the path, I chatted with a guy who told me the other side of the river was also open and you could ride all the way down the river. I said “Is it paved?” He said it was.

It was not.

The dirt side of the LA River, near Frogtown.

But there is a pretty nice view of the river on that side.

The River


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